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    Electrical Power Transmission

    Exartic Ltd offers a superb source of motor and drive packages and advise on ways to reduce your energy consumption, helping you comply with energy efficiency legislation.


    Electric Motors

    The electric motor is a ubiquitous device in the industrial world: from DC- to AC- to special-type designs, these motors are responsible for powering up some of the most important machines used in manufacturing today

    Motor control

    A motor controller is a device or group of devices that serves to govern in some predetermined manner the performance of an electric motor



    Sensors and small motors are active parts needed for proper definition of blends, air control, and verification of the positions and of all physical parameters used to provide the necessary feedback to the engine and transmission control units, allowing them to carry out the necessary controls, while the harnesses make it possible for the control units, sensors and “actuators” to work well together, exchanging information while preventing any external phenomena from compromising the operation of the whole.

    Automation control

    Motor control devices are the building blocks of an efficient automation strategy, optimizing production and reducing costs.