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    Authorised Dealer Of AirTAC International Group

    Exartic Ltd offers a complete range of high quality pneumatic products from AirTAC. These products are available for individual as well as OEM customers and applicable across diverse industry sectors including printing and packaging, medical and pharmaceutical, plastics and filling, automobiles and metallurgy, textile and construction, and more.

    Our products are manufactured with attention to constructive details using advanced CNC machinery, engineering plastic moulding, aluminium and seals. This allows us to fabricate products that are AirTAClike, with full control over quality and price.

    Each product is tested for 100% accuracy without human intervention. To facilitate efficient delivery that meets market demands, our products are supplied at competitive rates and interchangeable with those of reputed brands like SMC and Festo.

    Quality And Safety Compliance

    Exartic is a responsible supplier of pneumatic products. Our range of AirTAC products is authenticated byISO 9001, ISO 14001, RoHS, and CE certifications.

    So, buyers can rest assured that they are purchasing products that meet international standards of quality and safetywhilstadhering to all the essential requirements pertaining to the legislation of European health, safety, and environmental protection.

    Our High Quality Products Include…

    • Pneumatic fittings and Air tubing
    • Solenoid valves and Air Valves
    • Manual control and mechanical control valves
    • Fluid control valves
    • Preparation units – Filters,regulators,lubricators and others
    • Regulators, pressure switches and pressure gauges
    • Pneumatic cylinders – Actuators
    • Rotary Table Cylinders
    • Air grippers
    • Twist and Clamp cylinders
    • Boosting Unclamping cylinders
    • Stopper cylinders and accessories
    • Shock Absorbers and Sensors
    • Other Accessories

    Customised Solutions

    At Exartic, we listen to individual requirements and take customised orders to meet the same. Choose from an extensive range of custom fittings, valves, cylinders, filters, and more at reasonable prices.

    Exartic in cooperation with ATC Italia S.R.L offers…

    • Pre Sale Services – We provide full technical support before the purchase of the product, guiding you through product selection and optimisedselection of systems. Products can be customised as per customer requirements. We believe this helps our customers buy with confidence.
    • After Sale Services – Proper maintenance increases the value of the products and improves their service life. This is why our crew carries out training for the installation, application, and maintenance of all products purchased. This helps the end user know their products better and use them effectively.

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